Policy decision makers and teachers from Portugal, North Macedonia and Croatia are meeting at the online Policy Lab: „Policy and practice to Start the Change“

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The important first policy event of the Start the change! project is taking place on May 18th, 11:00 – 14:00 on ZOOM platform. The goal of this Policy Lab is to introduce and raise awareness of the topic of students’ participation and importance of students’ voices in connection with policy change. Having that in mind, this policy event will be about “setting the stage” for the future policy activity: introducing the topic of the students’ voice and its importance to the relevant stakeholders, deeper understanding of the topic and importance of policy change with that in mind.

To achieve set goals, first part of the policy lab will consist of the theoretical introduction to the topic of the importance of students’ voice and the data regarding the existing policies in the relation to students’ participation in the project partner countries as well as in the countries with high students’ participation. Moreover, a representative from the country with high students’ participation will share their experience and approach to the topic.

Second part of the first policy lab will be more participative. It will consist of the presentation of the results from the comparative report from the students’ focus groups implemented in the partner countries with the intent to open discussion, raise questions and share ideas on the topic.

After the policy lab, the partner organizations NEPC and SIRIUS will prepare afollow-up paper in which the policies and approach to students’ participation in the partner countries as well as in the countries with strong students’ participation will be described and inputs and issues that will be raised during the policy event will be highlighted.

The language of the event is English, however simultaneous translation will be provided for Portuguese, Macedonian and Croatian language. We are looking forward to share here the results of this event.

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