Portuguese schools are getting ready for the next stages of the project

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After wrapping up the teacher’s training programme where topics like media literacy, student’s active participation in the school initiatives, volunteering, and student’s voice were explored and discussed, the five selected Portuguese schools are starting to prepare an action plan to implement the projects.

Inova+, who is part of the Start the Change team, is currently gathering with the school’s representatives, that are involved in the project, to define and exchange perspectives about the project’s planning and implementation of future activities.

These meetings are designed to give the teachers a set of materials and practical tools to support the school team in the next activities of the Start The Change project. Each school must plan and carry out at least one long-term project and two short-term projects while making sure that the students are actively involved in all the stages since the transversal objective of all the activities is: To give voice to their students!

In addition to these guiding materials, Inova+ also provided a monitoring questionnaire, created with the cooperation of all the partners, to be filled by the students that are participating in the project’s activities. The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the change in perception of students that are involved in the Start the Change project about their participation and “voice”.

The Portuguese schools are motivated and thrilled to start planning these projects and to explore the materials provided by Inova+. Most of the professors stated that the challenges of the school they want to tackle with these initiatives are very much related to what was discussed during the course and shared during the focus groups and interviews that happened during the first stages of the Start The Change project.

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