Training for Trainers – online event for educational experts from three countries!

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The Training for Trainers event in Start the Change project was planned as the 5-day long intensive training that had the aim to prepare trainers for the teacher training taking place in each country. Considering the pandemic situation, the partner organizations decided to adapt it to the online training in duration of three weeks holding workshop sessions 2 times per week – in total six modules. The content of the training was various and mostly focused on the personal and social development and civic education.

The key topics of the existing curriculum for the Start the Change Program have been re-evaluated in the context of current Start the Change project, new partner countries, but of course, also in the context of the situation of pandemic crises.

The modules that were identified as the most important and implemented within the training, covered the following topics: student voice, socio-emotional learning, interculturality, media literacy, distant learning and managing youth projects. All partners participated in the delivery of different topics and modules and participated in the discussions thus bringing in each of the country’s perspective, educational context and experience in each of the respective fields.

Beside the project experts, several teachers from Portugal and Croatia also participated and shared their valuable experience and knowledge in different areas and provided the trainers with the up-to-date context of working with students as this was important more than ever – taking into consideration the “new normal” in which schools were operating.

Having met online for almost a month, the training experts from partner organizations had opportunity to get to know each other, each person’s expertise and experience in education, but also it made possible for the creation of the learning community that would continue to meet and build the valuable learning of these important topics as it was realised by everyone that schools would need support in these challenging times.

Training experts who delivered modules:

Ana Munivrana, Vanja Kožić Komar, Višnja Pavlović (FFE, Croatia)

Slavica Vučen, Medical School for Nursing Vrapče (Croatia)

Emilija Veterovska, Dejan Rizinski and Marina Tuneva (MCEC, North Macedonia)

Ana Ribeiro and Joana Santos (INOVA+, Portugal)

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